2021 Mercedes S Class is Considered Most Advanced Tech Luxury Vehicle


When buying a luxury sedan people always expect it to be technologically upgraded to the best features. The same is provided by Mercedes Benz for its 2021 S Class models. From augmented reality to advanced center console, 3D opting behind wheel and more makes it ones of the most advanced luxury sedan in the market. Mercedes wanted their customers to have something more than just a luxury sedan and through 2021 S Class has provided just that without a doubt.

Have a look at some of the advanced tech equipped in this vehicle before you run to buy it from Mercedes Benz dealership Montreal.

  • Navigation through augmented reality

Mercedes with the assistance of MBUX can show drivers this system’s true ability, which is annotating a road’s live video feed with arrows as well as accurate street name when navigating. Moreover, this augmented reality feature ensures correct direction at every turn, even during tricky areas such as intersections, roundabout, and more.

Mercedes has moved it to the HUD (head-up display) for latest MBUX version that is being introduced for the first time on 2021 S Class model. It is quite a smart feature that eliminates the difficulties that drivers have to face when trying to adjust their gaze in intricate driving situations.

  • Brighter and larger center console

Mercedes decided to move center-mounted display from its dashboard. Apart from it, the automobile company has made it larger, placed on center console in an angle and twisted its orientation not just because of making the entire interior look better but also making it easier to control for drivers.

S Class comes with 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen display which is brighter making it more aesthetically pleasing to look at. It comes with a tablet like design with all options available in grid and not in carousel format like its predecessors. This change helps a driver to find any system or option quickly for which was not possible before as one would have to shift left or right in previous format for getting what they need.

Moreover, Mercedes has stated that this system will have more processing power than previous versions had. Upon using it, it showed no delay or latency in-between screen loading aspect. In addition, the camera with 360-degree option permits a driver to simply rotate vehicle on-screen for checking out all angels that he/she needs. Lastly, an individual can generate real time image that serves a vital task, which is having 3D real environment. When in Montreal Mercedes Benz dealership Greenfield, you can know about this more.

  • 3D behind wheel

The 12.3-inch digital dash offers extra dimension to an individual driving. This 3D optional display trick aids in seeing several elements in cluster that resides either farther or closer than reality. The company has achieved this by utilizing LCD screen along with LCD grille opening.

So, as you can see that this vehicle is highly advanced when it comes to technological features. Thus, it is high time you get in touch with a dealer and book one for yourself as it will enhance your driving experience substantially.