The entry of high cubic capacity motorbikes in Bangladesh has begun shortly


Bikes and bikes are the words that youngsters these days wander around murmuring all the moments. In this generation, youngsters are interested in bikes more than cars because of many reasons. They wonder when to buy a new bike whenever they see their favorite ones either on the roads or on the internet. But still unlike other countries Bangladesh had a limitation on the cc of the bike engine for quite some time. The limit to the cubic capacity of the engines made the companies restrict the model of bikes that they have manufacturing over there.


The cubic capacity of a bike or scooter is necessary to define the features of two-wheelers and also adds value and price to the motor. For people who are not aware of what a cubic capacity is the volume of a cylinder in the engine of a bike or car or any transport facility product. It defines the power torque of the vehicle it means if the CC of the engine is high then the bike has more speed and better functioning. It also defines the highest speed of the engine in the bike for example in the early days a high cc in bike 100cc engine bikes.

Due to limitations on earlier days the competition for 100cc bikes in Bangladesh was high between the limited competitors but in the later period, more companies arise. The limitation for cc in the engine was also occasionally raised by the government for a better travel experience. But still comparatively in Bangladesh, the limit was high than in other countries in regular roads the limitation was 165cc. This was the highest engine capacity that a bike on regular roads could have but recently the limit has been increased to 300cc to 500 ccs for export purposes.

A Progressive decision:

In the early 2000s, there was no cc limit for bikes in Bangladesh similar to the nearing countries like India, Pakistan, and Nepal. But during the bad times, criminals had a chance to easily elope from the criminal state with high-end bikes that made the government to make the hard decision to limit the engine cc in the bikes of manufacturing. The limit was 165cc, 150cc, 125cc and 100cc bike in Bangladesh this was gradually affecting the export processes too. As we can see in many high cc bikes are not only meant for speed but also for their capacity and controllable brake systems.

Now the new decision is like boon for manufacturers and also investors in this automotive sector as it will rapidly increase the export sides of the automobiles in the country. Youngsters who long to buy a high cc bikes can now wait for their dream to be acquired soon. It is limited up to 300 cc bikes on roads and up to 500 cc engine bikes for the export purposes. There would be bikes manufactured from 180 cc, 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc engines for the country roads and 500 cc bikes will be manufactured for export purposes.