Time Management Tips & Mileage Goals for Rookie Drivers

    Mileage Goals for Rookie Drivers

    If you are a new truck driver and you may have no idea how to manage your time or how you can manage your mileage goals. Whether you have just finished your driving school or just hit the road, here are some tips and strategies that will help you become a successful truck driver. Here in this article, you will read some common tips that can help you manage your time and help you achieve your mileage goals.

    • Acclimation Period

    If you give a read to 5 things truck driver training schools don’t teach, then you will find that they don’t tell you about the acclimation period. You need to understand you cannot drive like a pro just after exiting your school, and being a superior truck driver takes time. Once the acclimation period is over, you will develop great skills and practice.

    • Avoid Heavy Traffic

    Being on the road needs strategic time management planning, which surely means avoiding all the heavy traffic routes. If you have a schedule taking you through a heavy traffic route, you are doing it wrong. A good truck driver plans his routes to avoid lots of time and frustration.

    • Learn To Park your truck

    Sometimes it’s all about parking, and one of the most exhausting aspects of trucking is the lack of truck parking. As a rookie driver, you will realize that parking a truck during the day is much easier than at night. So always try to reach the parking lot early so that you can park your truck and get the right amount of sleep to get back on the road the next day.

    • Loading & Unloading

    If you are a rookie driver and wish to become one expert driver, then you need to learn the management of your loading and unloading schedules. This will help you in both loading and unloading your packages as early as possible. This way you improve your service to the clients and can also help you make more money.

    • Time Your Rest Periods

    In the rush of getting ahead in your schedule, you may not be able to time your rest periods. However, you may not realize that it makes you less efficient and less safe on the roads. Getting enough rest during the night period is very important if you wish to become a successful truck driver in the long term. The best thing you can do is make those 24 7 truck repairs in Gainesville your rest and breakpoints.