Why is Oil Change Necessary for Your Car in Different Seasons


If you have heard your auto mechanic suggesting you to change your car engine oil when there is a climate or season change, know, that it is necessary. Many times, the oil type you are using for your car might not be suitable for some harsh climates, and this can have a direct effect not only in the performance of your car but even on its usability. Why your manufacturer must have advised such oil type is because every car is made for a particular country and its climate. If the car you are using isn’t compatible to the climate you stay in, it will need a different kind of engine oil for the following reasons, as suggested by the mechanical team of the Dowagiac oil change service center.

Viscosity of the MotorOil

It is the viscosity of any oil that directly has an effect on its functionality. When it comes to motor oil of vehicles, this viscosity means a lot. It is the viscosity that determines how smoothlyor easily the oil will flow on its own when the engine starts. Previously, most of the engine oil were less processed natural oils that used to react more to differing temperatures. If you haven’t yet switched to synthetic oil for your car, then the viscosity issue will crop up.

What Can Go Wrong

With low viscosity, the engine oil will grow thick in extreme cool temperatures and will resist to flow freely to the various compartments and parts of the engine. This can not only create overheating in the engine but can also make it difficult to start the engine itself. So, it is recommended to every car owner to check the oil type before hard winter days set in.

Since low viscosity in motor oil will maintain smooth oil flow, a lower grade of xW oil canhelp the car engine to survive better in winter. So when it becomes necessary to make this change in the oil type, either check the kind of oil that will be mentioned in the user’s manual of your car, or refer to the manual online or ask an expert, in case you have relocated to a place where extreme weather or seasonal changes take place.

Switching to Synthetic Oil

The best way to avoid all these hazards is to switch to synthetic oil for your car. Synthetic oils are nothing but severely processed natural oil that will not lose its viscosity, even when the temperatures outside rise to extreme hot or fall beyond normal cold. Once you switch your engine oil to synthetic oil, you won’t have to bother for an oil change for every different season.

While summing up, the mechanics who offer services like oil change near Dowagiac recommended, that whenever one observes a deterioration in the car performance, when there is a sharp change in the environmental temperature, one must consult an expert to know, if the car needs any special oil to cope with the said season.